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in “Am Park” at Potsdam

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1.0.0454,09 m²562.449,00 €PDF
2.0.00119,45 m²731.504,00 €PDF
2.1.03144,26 m²1.047.861,00 €PDF
2.3.09150,53 m²1.299.020,00 €PDF
3.2.08126,80 m²978.155,00 €PDF
3.3.11131,88 m²1.142.104,00 €PDF
4.3.1678,49 m²748.958,00 €PDF
5.0.0332,16 m²299.000,00 €PDF
5.3.2227,11 m²298.000,00 €PDF
5.3.2327,05 m²274.000,00 €PDF
5.3.2431,04 m²298.000,00 €PDF

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Leip­zi­ger Platz 14, 10117 Berlin-Germany

The 5 houses enclose a private garden, which offers plenty of space for common areas and leisure activities. All ground floor apartments also have their own beautiful garden. The apartments on the upper floors are equipped with balconies or loggias, which allow breathtaking views.

The project encompasses 5 houses with a total of 80 residential units which are being built on a 6,905 sqm plot.

By varying different floor plan types,
a wide range of apartments will become available, which will be tailored to suit both families, investors and students.

The sizes are expected to vary between 26 and 155 sqm per apartment.

“Am Park” offers a unique living experience – with easy access to the city´s popular Volkspark, the project enables a grandiose home and guarantees a high feel-good factor. Originally designed for Germany´s famous Bundesgartenschau, the well-known Volkspark impresses with its variety of impressive trees and beautiful plants.

With the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, the Leonardo da-Vinci School and also the Bornstedter Feld II Primary School, first-class educational institutions can be found nearby. Great shopping facilities for daily needs are also within walking distance. Thanks to an often frequented tram line, the apartments are excellently connected to public transport. The restored Old Town can be reached in 10 minutes, the main railway station as a transport hub in just 20 minutes.

As an experienced property developer of high-end residential accommodations, we take an approach that pairs modern design with energy-efficient architecture, thereby ensuring a lasting usability value. At D&H, we exclusively develop in carefully selected areas where flair meets day-to-day functionality. The result: Highest living standards for our clients. 

DIAMONA & HARNISCH has been one of Berlin’s leading property developers since 2008. So far, D&H has constructed over 1,000 apartments in over 15 projects in superior residential locations in Berlin. What sets us apart in this line of business is an excellent network of highly capable professionals including architects, engineers, and technical planners — specialists in all fields of construction.


Would you like to make an appointment to view one of the high-quality condominiums? Or would you like an exposé with key data, floor plans and photos? Please feel free to contact us:

Die Umsetzung von Gestaltungsvorschlägen, Planungsunterlagen und dargestellten 3-D-Visualisierungen der Gebäude und einzelner Räume in dieser Broschüre können von der Realität und der tatsächlichen Ausführung, auch hinsichtlich der Flächenangaben, abweichen. Vorgestellte Materialien, Fabrikate und Ausstattungsgegenstände sind ein unverbindlicher Gestaltungsvorschlag und können gegebenenfalls variieren. Aufwertende Ausstattung / Upgrades sind gegen Aufpreis selbstverständlich möglich. Verbindlich für die Ausführung sind allein die Bau - und Leistungsbeschreibung des Kaufvertrages. Abweichungen aufgrund behördlicher Auflagen und Änderungen durch die Genehmigungsbehörden bleiben vorbehalten.